By knowing the weaknesses of your body very clearly, you will be able to work purposefully to strengthen them, feel as good as possible and have unlimited mobility.

A specialist will examine your body, consult you and create an individual action plan that is just right for you.


Services provided:

  • Consultation (30 – 40 min) – 30 eur
  • Posture diagnostics and correction (60 min) – 45 eur

Services applied on an individual basis. The price depends on the identified need (coordinated with a specialist):

  • Correction of skeletal muscle imbalance
  • Preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation
  • Exercise for expectant mothers
  • Individual training in the gym
  • Individual physiotherapy and / or training program plan
  • Kinesiological or sports taping – from 5 to 10 eur
  • Therapeutic or sports massage: (40-75 min.) 40-60 eur

Registration and information:

Laura Valatkevičiūtė